Covid-19 Virus Action

UpdatedFriday March 13, 2020 byJennifer Mauger.

Parents, Players, and Coaches

I apologize for the delay in providing you with more detailed information for our league with reference to the CovID -19 virus. I have been traveling and this really has been my first opportunity to get this letter out. Today the Governor of Utah has put precautions in place to help our state be proactive and not reactive to the Corona / CoviID-19 virus. Our league will fall inline and help by being responsible members of the community. 

The following has been implemented by the county and state. Until further notice there will be no county facilities until April 15th. This could be shorter or longer, depending on what is happening with the spread of the virus. This means that there will be no practices on the fields and the start of our season may be delayed. 

Our teams may continue to hold individual team practices. We will be re-evaluating this based on school district closures. There are some districts that have made some closure decisions. We will be looking at Granite and Taylorsville High Schools. We may have to restrict practices. As of now if we keep those gatherings small and monitor our players for any signs of illness we should be okay.

Coaches, if you have players sharing catchers masks and gloves. It would be a good idea to have a container of disinfectant wipes to clean the equipment before the players trade.

Parents we ask that if your child is sick, keep them home. If you have a child that has respiratory issues keep them home. Ultimately, our biggest concern is for the safety and well being of your children. Those of you who are worried about the impact on our season, we anticipate that it will be minimal. We will keep you posted of any changes.

Dave Hamson