Refund Request Form

UpdatedTuesday May 19, 2020 byJennifer Mauger.

2020 Refund Request Form


Please submit no later than May 22nd for a refund

Email to


We understand that some families are in the high risk group or just don’t feel comfortable playing yet. We would never make anyone play that didn’t feel safe and comfortable to do so. We will be offering pro-rated refund for families that have decided not to play the 2020 season. Unfortunately, we have already purchased uniforms, equipment, insurance, charters, etc and as a non-profit we do not have a large budget to pull from. All 2020 players will receive their uniforms.


Refunds will be as follows and your player will still receive their uniform


AA – $80

AAA- $105

Majors – $105


All refund requests must be made by May 22nd. If payment was made via Credit Card and less than 90 days ago your credit card will be refunded the pro-rated amount, if you paid cash or your payment was processed over 90 days ago you will receive your refund via check or venmo. Players on the payment plan will be refunded the amount paid over the pro-rated amount. You will receive a confirmation email after your refund request is processed.


Player Name (s):___________________________________________________


Division(s):   AA     AAA    Majors


2020 Assigned Team(s):______________________________________________


Refund preference if Credit Card refund is not Available:


Venmo:  Venmo Address:_____________________________________________


Check: (Mailing Address):     ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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